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Asset Allocation

Asset Allocation is the strategy used when developing a wealth management plan designed to meet the needs of a client.  A proper asset allocation model is built to match a clients’ risk tolerance profile.  Asset allocation is based on the concept that different asset classes perform well at different times and it is difficult to predict which asset class will outperform in any given year.

Our financial advisors work with their clients to build unique, diverse investment plans designed to meet the stated goals and objectives.  Our wealth management firm believes that by diversifying our clients’ assets we can appropriately manage their investment portfolio according to their specific risk tolerance profile.

Profile Management

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DLG Wealth Management provides an exclusive range of solutions engineered to meet your individual needs.


Retirement Planning

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Retirement Accounts are savings plans that allow investors to increase the size of their savings for retirement while taking advantage of special tax benefits.


Insurance & Annunities

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We have established relationships with a variety of Insurance and Annuity companies which allows us to find the products that meet our clients’ needs.


Planning Today Preserving Tomorrow

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